N'Tastic Scale Models is a new venture I am starting in various scales around N Gauge. The models will start with road vehicles in scale 1:148. 

At present we have the following in development:

1: Horse Drawn vehicles - inc. Horses and People - 9 kits

2: 1930s Karrier Bantam - 10 versions + 4 trailers

3: 1970s Sherpa Van - 7 versions

4: 1960s Commer V Range Lorry 9 versions + 2 trailers

5: 1950s Commer Express Delivery Van

6: 1950s Hillman Minx Car - 3 versions

7: 1950s Commer Superpoise Van - 4 versions

8: 1980s Ford Cargo Lorry - 6 versions + 3 trailers

9: 1970s Ford Mk2 Transit Van - 8 versions

10: 1950s Karrier Bantam 7 versions + 3 trailers

11: 1960 - Commer K1 Fire Engine

12: 1930s Leyland Tiger TS7

13: 1927 Leyland Titan TD1

14: 1960 - Bedford CA Van - 7 versions

We also have plans for the 1980s & 1990s from launch if all goes to plan.

Pictures to the right are design images and the finished models may vary.

Major Update and you hear it here first. My retailer tie-in has fallen through so I have spent this afternoon setting up a PreSale page on my website. I will finish adding pictures over the weekend. Please share far and wide we need the sales. 20% off until the 14th of February (yeah I know had to pick a date) then 10% until end of April.

Masters with caster, waiting feedback, Presale orders will be despatch as they are completed hopefully no later than the end of May 2022.