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Cog Division - Standard Mechanical Steam Horse (1fig)

Cog Division - Standard Mechanical Steam Horse (1fig)


28mm Cog Division - Standard MMSH Only (1 Figs)


Made up of 1 Mitchell Mechanical Steam Horse Only


28mm Wargaming mount rider not included, ideal for customisation.

  • Product Information

    Copper Mine Miniatures is in the business of selling unpainted white metal kits. The metal kits may contain multiple parts that are made from lead containing alloy. Please wash the kit in warm soap water before you start and always wash your hands after handling this kit.

    This kit is suitable for mature children under close adult supervision, most sites would suggest 12 to 14+ years old. Please use your discretion and take appropriate health and safety steps when working with these kits and the tools required.

    It is expressly understood by the user that these products are not toys and the user agrees that they are responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury, damage, or accidents sustained through the use of the products.

  • Sculptor

    Sculpted by Duncan Louca 

  • Specification

    The final product may vary from the images, as final adjustments have been made to enable production.

  • Victorian Sci-Fi

    These figures are aimed at the Victorian Sci-Fi arena and may or may not have steampunk adaptations. Some may be appropriate for the victorian era as they are others are purely Victorian Sci-fi.

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