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Working Horses & Ponies

Working Horses & Ponies

Single Working Shire and Cart Horses and Pony Figures


3D Printed resin model, comes in 1 part still in the 3D printed support structure to protect it in the post. Please take extra care removing the delicate figure from the support structure, as small parts may break off.


Please select the figure you would like from:


NSM-FIG003Shire Horse (Male) (Walking)
NSM-FIG004Shire Horse (Male) (Stood)
NSM-FIG005Shire Horse (Male) (Stood) Nose feedbag
NSM-FIG006Shire Horse (Female) (Walking)
NSM-FIG007Shire Horse (Female) (Stood)
NSM-FIG008Cart Horse (Male) (Walking)
NSM-FIG009Cart  Horse (Male) (Stood)
NSM-FIG010Cart  Horse (Female) (Walking)
NSM-FIG011Cart  Horse (Female) (Stood)
NSM-FIG012Pony (Cart) (Walking)
NSM-FIG013Pony (Cart) (Stood)
NSM-FIG014Pony (Saddle) (Walking)
NSM-FIG015Pony (Saddle) (Stood)


Ponies to be released April 2023


Buy 2 or more of the working horses (shire and cart) / ponies and get 25% off. 

(25% only applies to 2 or more working horses bought as single horses or ponies)

Discount automatically applied at check out qualifing items.


These figures are suitable for a wide range of eras and purposes.


Supplied Unassembled and Unpainted.

  • Product Information

    N'Tastic Scale Models is in the business of selling unpainted and unassembled resin, 3D printed, etched and / or white metal kits. The kits may contain multiple parts, some that are made from lead containing alloy. Always take care when opening the kits as they contain small parts easily lost.

    This kit is suitable for mature children under close adult supervision, most sites would suggest 12 to 14+ years old. Please use your discretion and take appropriate health and safety steps when working with these kits and the tools required.

    It is expressly understood by the user that these products are not toys and the user agrees that they are responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury, damage, or accidents sustained through the use of the products.

  • Instructions

    Whatever the kit is made from please wash the kit in warm soap water before you start and always wash your hands after handling this kit. Always take care when opening the kits as they contain small parts easily lost. Always hand tools and glues with care.

  • Specification

    The final products may vary slightly from the pictures, as final adjustments are made to enable production of the kits.

  • Scale Information

    N Gauge / 1/148 Kit for Scale Modellers, such as railway, aviation, military, nautical or miniature house modellers. These kits at 1/148 are compatible with models between 1/144 and 1/152 at the modeller’s discretion.

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