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The all new Copper Mine Miniatures(CMM)online shop.

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Welcome to the relaunched Copper Mine Miniatures.

This is our home site along with our associated pages on Patron and Facebook, links below. 

To help get CMM back up and running we will be running a Kickstarter in April 2021 for some new figures and steadily restocking our full range.

Please take a look around here and at 

Facebook Page

Patrons Page

We hope to release new products steadily from now on. 

Kickstarter Funded and Finished

Our 2021 VSF Kickstarter has now finished and reached its funding goal. Over the next few months I will get the figures ready and sent out to the backers. Once I have fulfilled the backers orders I will add the new figures to the website.

The second 28mm Fundraiser will be discussed on Facebook and / or Patreon,  links above.

I am please to announce that in early January 2022 we finally despatched this Kickstarter. I will be adding the figures from this Kickstarter to the website at the end of January 2022.